I’m pleased to announce the release of version 3.5.0 of the Moodle app. The app is available now on Google Play and will be in the App Store and Windows stores soon
Moodle 3.5 focuses on GDPR compliance and enhanced usability and accessiblity.
Course Overview Survey Results The new “course overview” block in the dashboard (a project from the MUA!) shows an overview of your courses and things that are coming up. This may seem like a small feature in itself, but it directly attacks the number one problem that students have expressed to us, which is “how do I know what to do next”, so this is a major improvement. The dashboard will be truly useful as the first place you always want to look at when you come to Moodle on the web or in our mobile app. The functionality of the course overview depends on knowledge about critical dates in Moodle activities. Because of this, a major part of this project was to improve how educators set up activity completion in their courses. We’ve added new features to set the defaults for activities, as well as bulk editing of activities, making it much faster to get things set up well. We’re happy with the first version of this new approach in this release, which was our first major project to undergo a lot of UX testing and prototyping before any code was written. However there is already a list of things we want to do to make the dashboard look and work even better, and you will find many of these coming soon (some as soon as Moodle 3.3.1).
Survey Summary The survey was launched on 2 Mar 2018 and closed on 31 May 2018. The survey was posted in the Announcements and Usability forums and shared on the Moodle HQ social channels. The survey was conducted in English. 100 people (7%) completed the survey out of a total of 1,375 participants, and 1,275 participants abandoned the survey before finishing.
A few highlights from the survey results:
64% are from the University or college sector.
64% describe their primary role as Manager or Administrator.
75% are currently using the new Course Overview block.
56% are currently using the new Timeline feature in the new Course Overview block.
When participants were asked how satisfied they are overall with the new Course Overview block:
8% responded as very satisfied.
29% responded as satisfied.
39% responded as neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.
16% responded as dissatisfied.
8% responded as very dissatisfied.
2% unanswered.
Other new features include:
  • Features to improve privacy control for users
  • Image-based listing for courses in the dashboard
  • Question bank searching using tags
  • Global search without installing additional software
  • New badge criteria
  • Cohort themes
  • Support for IMS LTI Advantage!
  • much much more
  • much more …

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