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World class School Management Software that accelerate idea to make easier the school activities. SDMS365 is a reform in challenging technologies in educational industry. SDMS365 is a web-based School Data Management System which is complete package of robustness with efficiency of full featured system.
  • Easy & Simple way of handling – SDMS365 is feature rich, easy to use, fully customizable web or server based.
  • Ready for Management challenges – SDMS365 brings the school management material in life for plain sailing.
  • Meet the powerful Tool that associated with schools need to efficiently manage a huge amount of data.
  • SDMS365 is fully customised, secured & affordable software comes with many different features.

More About SDMS365

A School Data Management System is designed for school related all activities not only to manage data but also to solve other challenges in Educational organization. SDMS365 is a powerful application comes with a bundle of other modules like Family, Community, Class, Transportation, Finance & other. Our School Management also provide the advanced features like Global Calendar & Event, News, Graphs & Analytics, Health management with easy way of maintaining & tracking school data.

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SDMS365 is a highly secured system by applying authentication & authorization with an individual duty with particular credential. We are coming with new features like Maintaining multiple family addresses, register future students, create Notification Templates, etc which means it is a full set-up to gather information and convert it into a relevant format.

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Our Mission

To bring passion, creativity and energy to everything we do in the service of our customers, so that their business and people, are able to develop their organizations to their full potential.

Excellent Features

Single Sign-On Office 365 Login
Graphs & Analytical for Finance User
Customized Reminder for Events
Import Data – Bulk Upload
Easy to Manage Admission Process
Customizable Email & SMS Template